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For the purposes of the EU registration of Plant Protection Products under the Regulation 1107/2009, KAELTIA would like to facilitate formulators/distributors to work together and to cooperate in the preparation of dossiers for authorisation with the cost sharing that this involves. KAELTIA have developed this IT System for cooperation where the parties can express their interest to achieve an agreement to support their products jointly. Therefore, if you want to place Plant Protection Products in the EU market, please express your interest for cooperation by listing these products in this System.

The use of this System is free of charge. 

KAELTIA will be in charge of the group formation and will communicate the parties interested for cooperation to support similar plant protection formulations that a potential “Registration Group” has been formed. This service is subject to a cost. Please be aware that all the information provided in this IT system will be managed by KAELTIA and treated as strictly confidential. In addition, a Service Provider and Non-Disclosure Agreement will be established between each participant and KAELTIA before sharing any product information. Please be also aware that the members of each “Registration Group” will not be publicly available in this IT System. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: Email: plantprotection@kaeltia.com / Tel.: +34 984391044 / Calle Margarita Salas, 2, 1ºK, 33204 Gijon (SPAIN)